Franciscan Health is bringing genetic counseling services to Michigan City, providing help for individuals and families who may be at a high risk for a hereditary cancer condition. Licensed and certified Genetic Counselor Malavika Praseed McGrail, MS, CGC, LGC, will provide telehealth clinic services for patients at Franciscan Health Woodland Cancer Center, 8955 W. 400 North.

Genetic counseling is typically recommended for people who have a personal or family history that suggests a hereditary cancer. This includes cancer at a young age, rare cancers, relatives with a known hereditary cancer gene mutation, two or more relatives on the same side of the family with cancer or more than one cancer diagnosis in the same individual.

Genetic counseling telehealth sessions include:

·        * Evaluation of the patients’ medical and family histories to conduct a personalized risk assessment.

·        * Discussing the possibility of genetic testing to determine the most appropriate strategy for the patient.

·        * Addressing frequently asked questions regarding privacy, insurance coverage, healthcare discrimination and psychosocial factors of genetic testing. Genetic test results are processed in a timely manner, and for many patients, it is often covered by insurance.

·        * Reviewing test results to determine if patients qualify for additional screening options or risk-reducing surgeries. Additionally, for patients affected with cancer, these test results can impact their treatment and surgical decisions.

Genetic counseling is just one portion of the comprehensive cancer treatment services offered at Franciscan Health Cancer Centers. For more information or to make a telehealth appointment, call (219) 488-9219. Patients that would like in-person appointments can be seen at the Franciscan Health Munster Cancer Center, 701 Superior Ave.