The Boys Basketball game scheduled for January 8th at Crown Point has been moved to January 27th.  We will thus be making changes to both the JV and Varsity games for both boys and girls.  Instead of playing boys and girls varsity games on the night of Friday, January 8th and then playing boys and girls JV games on the morning of Saturday, January 9th, we will now play girls JV and Varsity on January 8th, and boys JV and varsity on January 27th.  It will be:
Friday, January 8   
5:30/7:30    JV/Varsity Girls Basketball    Michigan City @ Crown Point
Wednesday, January 27   
5:30/7:30   JV/Varsity Boys Basketball Saturday, January 9th is cancelled altogether.

Girls Basketball and Transportation-Please revise your transportation request for January 8th.
Boys Basketball and Transportation-Please schedule transportation for January 27th.
Transportation-Please cancel any request for January 9th.