This morning at approximately 1:13 AM, Captain Andy Hynek was traveling south on US 35 approaching Kingsbury Avenue. The area at the time was experiencing heavy snowfall and the roadway surface was completely snow-covered.
A sport utility vehicle turned onto US 35 from Kingsbury Avenue in front of Captain Hynek and began traveling south in the outside lane. Captain Hynek passed the vehicle and shortly after doing so, the vehicle passed him but then reduced its speed until he caught up again. It was then the driver of the vehicle began to rev the engine as Captain Hynek could hear the after-market exhaust, even with his windows in the upright position. The vehicle proceeded to accelerate to an unsafe speed on the snow- covered roadway and slow down two more times. Captain Hynek realized the driver was attempting to engage him in a race.
A traffic stop was initiated on US 35 near Boyd Boulevard. The driver was identified as Jonathon F. KRUEGER (26 YOA) of La Porte. KRUEGER’S drivers license was found to be suspended and it was learned that he was a wanted person by the LCSO and the La Porte Police Department (LPPD). Captain Hynek began to complete an operating while intoxicated investigation and KRUEGER was taken into custody a short time later. Information obtained from passengers in the vehicle was that KRUEGER was indeed attempting to race Captain Hynek, not realizing that it was a police vehicle.
KRUGER was transported to the La Porte County Jail (LCJ). He was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated (C-Misdemeanor), Driving While Suspended (DWS) (A-Misdemeanor), LCSO Warrant – Failure to Appear (DWS – Prior) and the LPPD Warrant – Public Intoxication and Criminal Mischief.
KRUEGER remains housed in the LCJ and is being held without bond.