Due to the recent severe weather that has affected much of the country and disrupted shipping services, La Porte County Health Department will not be receiving its weekly allotment of the COVID-19 vaccine as planned.  This has forced us to reschedule appointments that were originally scheduled for afternoon of Friday February 19th beginning at 1:30 pm on,  all day Saturday February 20th and all day Monday February 22nd.  These appointments are all in the process of being rescheduled as follows.

Saturday appointments will be moved to the same times on Tuesday February 23rd.

Monday appointments will be moved to the same times on Thursday February 25th

Friday’s appointments will be rescheduled throughout the week. 

Every attempt will be made to contact all appointment holders about the changed appointment times. 

If you had an appointment scheduled you will be rescheduled the week of February 22nd.  

Second doses of vaccine can be administered between 28-42 days after the first dose, so there is no concern in the delay of this rescheduled appointment if it was for your second dose. 

For additional information please call the La Porte County Health Department at 219-325-5563.