Construction road sign against a blue sky

At the direction of Mayor Parry, the Michigan City Engineering Department applied for a state grant. The purpose of the grant is to assist local political units with asphalt paving.  The grant funds must be used by local political units for asphalt paving.  The grant is awarded by the Indiana Department of Transportation (InDot) and is known as the Community Crossing Matching Grant (CCMG).  Michigan City was accepted and then awarded $775,218.89 in grant funds.  The Michigan City Redevelopment Commission and the Michigan City Common Council, cooperatively combined financial efforts to provide the required matching funds.  The Redevelopment Commission will provide up to $600,000.00 of the matching funds and the Michigan City Common Council recently voted to approve up to $250,000.00 in matching funds.

Candidate streets selected for resurfacing and other repairs are selected based on a priority rating system known as the Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating system, PASER for short.  Selection of streets using the PASER system eliminates project selection for political purposes and encourages work to be performed on a priority basis.  

The streets to be worked on under the matching funds and grant include:

Chicago Street from the NICTD North Right of Way line to 8th Street

9th Street from Huron to Wabash

Tennessee Street from Chicago to 8th

Ohio Street from 11th to 8th

Elston from 11th to 8th

Manhattan 11th to 8th

8th Street from Michigan Blvd to Springland

E Street from 8th Street to Union

Emily Street from E Street to Peru

Cook Street from Union to US-12

2nd Street from Spring to Trail Creek

Peru Street from Emily to F Street

Meijer from Franklin to 1495 feet east of Franklin

Warnke from Shady Lane to Royal

Rodgers from Michigan Blvd to Leeds

Barker Ave from Poplar to Dewey

The work will generally include milling the existing asphalt and restriping the same.  To maximize the amount of work that can be completed, selective demolition and replacement of only the worst sections of sidewalk will be completed.  The City Council is currently considering funding for sidewalk maintenance.  If approved, additional sections of sidewalk maintenance work will be completed.

The order of magnitude and probable cost based on prior project history is $1.62 million. This project will take most of the spring and summer to complete.   Contract documents are nearing completion and will be issued for contractor bidding within the next couple weeks.

Cooperation between the contractor and the residents who use these streets for parking will be necessary to complete these projects. We understand that this will be a short-term inconvenience for residents in the resurface and repair areas. The City appreciates everyone’s cooperation as improvements are made to our City Streets.