Since ISP-Fort Wayne first posted this Child Safety Kit Scam Alert last week, the Fort Wayne Post has received two more complaints of this active scam. Facebook consumers are warned NOT to provide any personal information to the associated #ChildSafetyKit Facebook link. The latest complaints have advised that *after providing the requested personal information to the link, a follow-up phone call from an unknown phone number was received. An unidentified female scheduled an in home visit to go over the services offered. Two unidentified well dressed adult males showed up to the complainant’s house, and then attempted to sell an “insurance policy” as part of the Child Safety Kit service. These scammers are trying to gain your trust and confidence by falsely claiming to be associated with the Indiana State Police, and that is a lie. They want access to your personal identity and financial information, and to gain voluntary entry into your home- possibly with the intent to commit further crime.
Again, the Indiana State Police is warning Hoosiers to always take the necessary precautions to protect yourself, your family, and your property: Always beware of any online solicitations requesting personal information. Always protect your identity, social security number, credit card and bank account information. Never provide any personal information to unknown online source, including your name/address/phone number. Never allow strangers access into your home.
If you have been threatened or victimized by this scam, especially if you have allowed these individuals access into your home, please report this activity to either your local law enforcement agency or your nearest Indiana State Police – Public Information Office Post.