In a unanimous decision, the Laporte County Democratic Party held a caucus to elect a new slate of officers to lead the party forward: Chairman Vidya Kora, Vice Chair Laura Cutler, Treasurer Linda Simmons, and Secretary Sean Quinn.Dr Kora, a former two term Laporte County Commissioner and local physician served as the chair of the LaPorte Country Democratic Party from 2000 to 2008 and stated, “I am happy and excited about working with this new team at the Laporte County Democratic Central Committee.” Laura Cutler, a local business owner in LaPorte for over 18 years, is in her 2nd term serving as a LaPorte City Councilwoman and will serve as vice chair. Linda Simmons, treasurer, currently serves as the marketing director of the La Porte County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and Sean Quinn who will serve as secretary is a local attorney and a former La Porte County Councilman. This is a team of Democrats from across the county who will work together to build a vibrant party of leaders and citizens who can work together to get things done.The new Central Committee plans to introduce a strategic “Big Tent” concept with a goal of unifying and involving more Democrats to strengthen the party and build upon shared values and goals. They aim to build a welcoming platform for ideas from moderate, conservative, and progressive groups. The goal is so that we can build a consensus so that Democrats can work together to solve problems confronting the La Porte community. “What will bind us together is our commitment to Truth, Facts, Science and Civility. If we do not have these as our foundation, we will not have a functioning society,” Kora said. The aim of the committee is to build an organization that represents and reflects the diversity, shared values, and pride in our community as we work together toward what matters to real LaPorte County families-a culture of respect, opportunity, living wage jobs, and a healthy economy.Dr. Kora expressed his gratitude to the former chair and the vice chair for their confidence in the new slate of officers. He also thanked the outgoing team of the central committee led by Chairwoman Carol McDaniel and Vice Chair Sean Fitzpatrick, Treasurer Lois Sosinski and Secretary Gail Cains for their efforts. At the county level, the Central Committee will continue to advocate for economic development and job creation, expansion of rural broadband and promotion of civility in public discourse.Having worked on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic over the last year, Dr. Kora also indicated that his team strongly supports the American Rescue Plan which will provide Covid relief to Americans. “This experience has really impacted me and made me even more committed than ever to the values of the Democratic party. I know this is not the time to sit on the sidelines.” Kora said. “I have always believed that a good leader should work to create a welcoming social environment that unleashes intellectual capital. We know that as a country, this is a difficult time yet in every adversity, there is a seed for greater benefit. It is up to us to join with our national leaders to seize this moment and turn things around.”