Northwest Health announced recipients of the Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nursing.
The team members honored were from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and included: Autumn Reese, RN-BSN; Lauren Haller, ASN-RNC; Jill Volk, ASN-RNC; Elizabeth St. Germain, ASN-RN; Alexis Goebel, Diploma RN-RNC; MaCahlia Reyes, BSN-RN; Julie White, MSN-RNC; Pam Jefferson, BSN-RNC; Cindy Fultz, ASN-RNC; and Becky Skalka, ASN-RN.
They were nominated by a mother whose baby daughter was a recent NICU patient. The mother shared that she was first scared of the phrase “NICU” but has never been more pleasantly surprised. She named each nurse by name – Autumn, Lauren, Jill, Beth, Alexis, MaCahlia, Julie, Pam, Cindy and Becky – as they all contributed to the overall well-being and successful care of her daughter. She noted that her daughter was in a loving support network at the Northwest Health NICU and she wanted to honor all of the nurses who cared for her daughter because they were all amazing and deserved the award.
The DAISY Award was established to celebrate the extraordinary compassion nurses provide their patients and families every day. Nurses may be nominated by employees, patients, and hospital visitors.
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