Multiple dead fish were observed at Stiebel Pond in Michigan Thursday. Just before 1p.m. Thursday,  the Michigan City Sanitary District (MCSD)  received a  report of dead waterfowl in Striebel Pond. The pond is a stormwater control facility owned and operated by the MCSD. The MCSD immediately responded and observed what appeared to be dead waterfowl far from the shore. After closer inspection, the dead animals were determined to be carp. The MCSD contacted the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, the DNR and the US Fish and Wildlife Service to report  its observations.  

As of Thursday the City of Michigan City announced that water quality samples of Striebel Pond were obtained and will be tested. Initial testing results revealed that the dissolved oxygen is relatively low at 3.3 mg/l and the water level in the pond is extremely low due to the recent hot,  dry weather. It is assumed that the carp may have been stressed by the warm weather, low water level, and relatively low dissolved oxygen levels in Striebel Pond. As of now, there is no reason for concern by the public but, as a precaution, visitors to Striebel pond  are advised to stay away from the water. WIMS will continue to follow this story for updates.