Michigan City Police are telling the public to not be be fooled and just say no to a scam that is going around the area.

MCPD stated the following in a press release, “It all starts with a knock on the door. The nice young man or woman standing there wants you to buy magazines. You’ve never seen them before, but they have a convincing story about why they’re going door-to-door. They may have ID and seem on the up-and-up. And all they want to do is go to college.
Just say no……Ask for a Peddler’s License and then notify the Police.
That may sound harsh, but it’s the smart thing to do. The fact is you can’t tell if that person on your doorstep is for real or a con artist. There’s a very good chance you’re being set up for a scam.

This summer, like every summer, deceptive door-to-door magazine sales crews are out in full force across the country and most recently in Michigan City. They are mostly high school and college-age kids who are taught to use a number of phony pitches. They say they’re raising money for school, a charity, or earning points toward a school trip. Some even claim they get matching grants for money they collect to attend college and better themselves.
In Michigan City you must apply for a Peddler’s License and be approved by the Board of Works in order to go door-to-door and sell any product.