The Portage Police Department said Friday that in the past nine days it has taken three reports involving the theft of catalytic converters.

Each of these thefts also involved late model Mitsubishi Outlanders. Police say that nationally, hybrid vehicles are being targeted for these types of thefts more frequently due to their catalytic converters containing higher amounts of precious metals such as platinum, rhodium, and palladium. The Mitsubishi Outlander hybrid may be specifically targeted because of its higher ground clearance allowing easy access to the catalytic convertor.

Portage Police say if you own such a vehicle, consider parking inside your garage, installing motion sensitive lighting around your parking area, or park in well-lit areas when out in public. There are also aftermarket anti-theft devices specifically designed to protect catalytic converters from theft.

While police believe the suspects involved in the thefts from the community are currently in custody in another jurisdiction, they felt this information should still be shared with residents.

Portage Police also provided a chart of rising Catalytic converter thefts nationally, provided by the National Insurance Crime Bureau.