Marquette Catholic High School recently announced it completed a facility upgrade, and are updating some branding initiatives, including adding a new school color.

As part of perpetual upgrades to Marquette Catholic High School campus, the installation of a new sound system inside the Scholl Center was completed this past week. The enhanced equipment, which will be on display for all graduation events, has the school excited to welcome graduates and their families and friends into the Scholl Center on June 3 and 6.

The School also announced that starting July 1, Marquette Catholic High School will incorporate an accent color into its branding style guide. Their navy and gold remain untouched as they usher in a baby/cyan blue. The school says to bolster their Catholic identity even further, this lighter shade of blue is a nod to the hue of the garment often depicted on the Virgin Mary. Students will be able to sport the new accent color during the 2022-2023 academic year as part of approved uniform options.

Additionally, starting July 1, Marquette Catholic High School will return to the three-letter “MQT” designation as an acceptable reference, not the four-letter “MQTT.” The school says this adjustment aligns them with “athletic and performing arts name and branding distinctions.”

Lastly, to ascertain unity and equality across all athletic teams, “Blazers” will be Marquette Catholic High School’s lone recognized nickname. Any reference to “Lady Blazers” should be discontinued.