A dog that was reported missing along with her owner assisted the La Porte County Sheriff’s Office find her owner, police said.

The La Porte County Sheriff’s Office said that several deputies responded to a residence Friday afternoon to assist a case manager in locating a missing and endangered adult female and her dog, Delilah.

As deputies investigated, Delilah showed up, but darted off to an area behind the residence. Deputies checked the backyard, exterior buildings and along the roadway, without success.

While waiting for additional assistance, deputies spotted Delilah running in a nearby pasture. Delilah ran towards an area of the neighbor’s property several times, and would periodically stop and look back at the deputies to make sure they were following her, police said.

Delilah continued to lead deputies to a field east of the original residence. When scanning the area, deputies spotted the female lying down in the field about 1,000 feet southeast of her residence.

Delilah then ran up to the female who had fallen. She was conscious, but weak and dehydrated.

The female was transported to an area hospital for treatment.

Delilah was rewarded with three hot dogs.