Eight Probationary Officers were sworn in Monday at the Michigan City Police Department. The officers have undergone an extensive hiring process which began with over 20 potential candidates, MCPD said. These Probationary Officers will endure 6 weeks of in-house training with the Division of Professional Standards. Upon completion of the training, they will begin the Field Training Officer Program where they will be working within the community with their respective training officers until spaces are available for them to attend the 16-week Indiana Law

Enforcement Academy Basic Course. Sworn-In during the service at City Hall were:
-Officer Katherine Doperalski
-Officer Ashlei Bootz
-Officer Taylor Tillman
-Officer Trevor Lenover
-Officer Anthony Santoro
-Officer Brandon Costigan
-Officer Donnell Sails
-Officer Stuwart Christopher Brown

The hiring of these new officers brings the total number of sworn law enforcement personnel to 79.