Mayor Duane Parry is proud to announce the award from the Indiana Department of Transportation grant match for street paving. Michigan City received the full amount requested, just under $700,000.00.

Below are the streets that will be paved in 2023 using the grant match.

Cherry Street from Hendricks St to S Woodland Ave (there are no homes with Cherry St addresses)

Cloud Street 200 – 400 blocks               Dewey Street 100 – 700 blocks

Douglas Ave: 200 – 400 blocks   Fir Street 100 – 600 blocks

Francis Street 100 – 200 blocks   Grace Street 100 – 500 blocks

Greeley Ave. 200 – 400 blocks   Hancock Ave 100 block

Hayes Ave. 400 block   Hobart Street 300-700 blocks

Lincoln Ave. 300 – 500 blocks   Logan Street 100 block and 200 block

S Porter Street 100 – 500 blocks   Seymour Ave. 100 block

Short Street from S Porter St to S Woodland Ave (two homes with Short St addresses follow the north-south numbering convention of the street they intersect with)

W 8th Street 1300 – 1600 blocks also adding the 1200 block

Youngs Court 1400 block


The Mayor’s Office says to please keep in mind that these streets are covered under the grant award and other paving and repairs can and will be done throughout the year.