The Newton County Sheriff’s Office has issued a public alert regarding drug overdose deaths and drug overdoses.

Police say as of March 3, law enforcement agencies have responded to numerous drug overdose calls in the area.

“There have been 4 overdose deaths in our immediate area,” the Newton County Sheriff’s Office stated on its Facebook page.

“There is no easy way to write this as there are many views on addiction. But we recognize those that have lost their lives were someone’s son/daughter, brother/sister and/or someone’s parent. Our hearts go out to those families that have suffered a loss,” police stated.

The sheriff’s office says each of these cases are active investigations and they cannot speculate that drugs were “laced” with something.

“Please hear our passionate cry, there is a ‘bad batch’ that has made its way to our area. Get help for your addiction now. If you have any information about these overdose deaths, please call 9-1-1.

“Perhaps you have been fortunate that drugs have not touched your life or those that you love. Pray for those that are dealing with this in their families,” police stated.