The Indiana State Police-Lowell Post have addressed the public about a Facebook group that they say claims to have intimate knowledge of cold case investigations.

The Indiana State Police-Lowell Post stated the following on their Facebook page:

“The Indiana State Police has been made aware of a Facebook group claiming to have intimate knowledge of cold case investigations and the statuses of those involved. The Indiana State Police wants to end the speculation that has been taking place which may or may not give false hope to those involved in these cases.  The Indiana State Police has NOT taken over any cold cases in LaPorte County, in particularly Michigan City, Indiana.  Any reports or rumors to the contrary are FALSE. Also, the Indiana State Police encourages anyone with any information pertaining to alleged criminal activity or unsolved crimes, to report that information directly to law enforcement, NOT to any groups on Facebook or to a Facebook page administrator.  Again, the only way to ensure your tip is received by the proper investigator and appropriately followed up on, is to report it directly to law enforcement or a law enforcement tip line, not to a Facebook page.  The Indiana State Police tip line may be contacted by dialing 1-877-226-1026. For more information, please visit In cases of emergency, please call 911 or local law enforcement.”