This past weekend the Indiana State Police Lowell Post conducted O.W.I. saturation patrols across Northwest Indiana with a focus on traffic safety.

These targeted patrols ran throughout Labor Day Weekend and then again, this past weekend, Sept. 15, and 16. These extra patrols took place between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. each of the days noted. Troopers worked overtime, changed their schedules, and worked areas they don’t normally work to participate in the dedicated patrol.

The Lowell Post noted there were 162 citations, 214 warnings, 26 arrests for Operating While Intoxicated, 20 arrests for other criminal activities not including O.W.I. and 17 crashes investigated.

“The Indiana State Police again reminds everyone to not drive after consuming any alcoholic beverages,” the Indiana State Police said in a press release. “Each of the 26 O.W.I. arrests could have been prevented had the driver simply made the decision not to drive.”