MICHIGAN CITY – The Indiana Department of Health recently awarded a $155,400 grant to I & D Squared Consulting for Operation Healthy Michigan City, an initiative spearheaded by Angie Nelson Deuitch, president and founder of I & D

“Our team is so excited for the opportunity to impact health outcomes and food insecurity in Michigan City,” Nelson Deuitch said. “We want to create opportunities for the community to assist in finding solutions and improving our health outcomes.”

According to the grant proposal, “Operation Healthy Michigan City is a collaboration with local churches, nonprofits, organizations, and entrepreneurs to create a long-term plan to combat food insecurity and health issues related to
obesity. We are focused on utilizing culturally appropriate options to really engage the families that have the greatest need.”

Neighborhoods on Michigan City’s east and west sides have been identified as the census tract areas with the highest need for positive programming outcomes. Nelson Deuitch focused her request on three health equity goals: combatting food
insecurity, offering free physical fitness activities for families and school-aged children, and providing nutrition and exercise support to local home daycare providers.

Program partners include Minority Health Partners, Food Bank of Northern Indiana, Salvation Army of Michigan City, and local fitness entrepreneurs and health professionals.

I & D Squared will host family-focused events at the Hope Community Center to provide these resources, including targeted mobile food pantry events and holiday giveaways, as well as annual family fun events centered around healthy food and
health screenings (blood pressure, dental, etc.).

Operation Healthy Michigan City also calls for a community-based survey using the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Healthier Food Retail Assessment Guide to determine permanent options for long-term access to healthier food options.