MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. – Liliana Franco is blazing a new personal path as she takes on a greater professional role as Operations Director at the Economic Development Corporation Michigan City.

“As I move up from an administrative position, I hope to not only develop as an individual, but also as a professional in MC. I look forward to setting an example of how we all can work together toward a more vibrant and inclusive community,” Franco said. “My new role includes sharing what we do, embracing volunteer opportunities, joining local community groups, helping businesses and residents find the resources they need and building positive relationships.”

Her key responsibilities include: overseeing the operating procedures for the EDCMC, tracking and implementing HR and financial policies, supporting economic development project activities, cultivating relationships with partner organizations and mirroring a community spirit through the EDCMC’s core values, mission and vision.

“Lily has been at the core of our team since the beginning, bringing a vitality and passion for her adopted community as a Puerto Rican native,” said Clarence L. Hulse, Executive Director of the Michigan City Economic Development Corporation. “She is growing into a servant leader as well and that has allowed her to shine as a member of our Michigan City community.”

Hulse said one of her bigger undertakings will be putting together an Entrepreneur Center/Co-working space for Michigan City.

“I will be launching this new initiative and space to offer a mix of programs that are open to the public, provide a spot to host professional development, meetings and events as well as connect with region entities on new partnerships and spotlight available resources for workers and students,” Franco said.

She recently earned an Entrepreneurship Center Management Certificate through the International Business Innovation Association to help her lead this project, which is in the initial stages.

“This is the beginning of an impactful step for Michigan City as we are working to establish this co-working space by the end of 2024,” Franco said. “I will be embracing the lead spot for this, and I can say that this is a monumental undertaking for me in my career. I look forward to strengthening my skill set while building up this project.”

In the United States since 2017, Franco said she also is honored to be a leader for the Hispanic community in Michigan City.

“I truly feel that one of the vital parts of my position is to be a connection and resource as we reach out to community members who feel underserved and want to get more involved,” she said. “Our future plans and burgeoning momentum need as many people involved as possible to nurture the vibrancy that is already igniting change here in Michigan City.”