The La Porte County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) gave an update Friday about the ongoing construction taking place at its administrative offices.

Since the flood that occurred on Christmas Day last year, the administrative offices of the LCSO have been under construction, the LCSO said.  Work is progressing and is now scheduled to move into the lobby area of the agency.

A tunnel from the south entry / exit doors of the La Porte County Complex extending to the main lobby of the Sheriff’s Office was erected Friday for the next phase of the project.  The tunnel will allow normal operations to continue at the front desk during business hours and allow citizens to still post the bond of an inmate incarcerated in the La Porte County Jail 24/7.  During this time though, on-site inmate visitation will be suspended, the LCSO said.

“This next phase of the construction project is anticipated to last one week,” the LCSO said on its Facebook page.