Indiana Conservation Officers are encouraging Hoosiers to help the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) put an end to poaching by reporting potential violations to Turn In a Poacher, Inc. (TIP).

TIP is a nonprofit conservation organization that partners with DNR protects fish and wildlife resources by increasing public support and involvement in bringing violators to justice.

According to the DNR, a poacher is a thief who illegally steals wildlife. The DNR says you can help TIP support DNR efforts by reporting potential violations at 1-800-TIP-IDNR (800-847-4367) or The DNR says that doing so will help conserve wildlife for future generations.

The DNR says to call TIP if you see, hear, or learn about poaching or another violation regarding fish and wildlife. The DNR also says if your “TIP” leads to an arrest, you may receive as much as a $500 reward, or you can remain anonymous if you choose. In 2022 TIP received nearly 600 tips and paid thousands of dollars in rewards for tips that have led to the arrest of a suspect.

“Concerned citizens are key in assisting Indiana TIP in the fight against poaching and bringing to justice those who violate fish and wildlife laws,” said Col. Steve Hunter, director of DNR Law Enforcement.