Press release by Office of the Indiana Treasurer of State:

Indiana State Treasurer Daniel Elliott announced today that he has authorized the largest known purchase by a State in the USA since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas war.

“Israel is our most important ally in the world.  This investment reflects the confidence that I have in the Israeli people and the Israel economy,” said Treasurer Daniel Elliott.  “Israeli bonds have provided high rates of returns for investors, even outperforming their American counterparts.  Historical data and suggests that this is a great opportunity for Hoosier taxpayers.”

As Indiana’s Chief Investment Officer, State Treasurer Daniel Elliott oversees the investment of nearly 17 billion dollars of state assets and sits on the boards of multiple state agencies that oversee state funds.

“October 7th remains one of the darkest days in the history of the word.  Yet, I remain confident that Israel will prevail over the forces of evil.  This bond purchase reflects the confidence we have in Israel’s victory and the strength of their marketplace.”

Indiana currently holds $65 million dollars in Israel Bonds.  After today’s purchase, the state will hold $100 million dollars in Israel Bonds.  This is an increase of nearly 55%.

The Treasurer of State is authorized by statute to invest in Israeli bonds by the General Assembly.