On Wednesday, the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) announced that multiple municipalities will receive Community Crossings Matching Grants to fund road and infrastructure improvements throughout the region.

Rep. Pat Boy’s (D-Michigan City) district received the following funding:

  • $41,430.90 for Beverly Shores
  • $545,062.77 for Chesterton
  • $998,930.75 for Michigan City
  • $1 million for LaPorte County
  • $561,310.11 for Porter
  • $125,876.48 for Porter County

Boy issued the following statement regarding the grant allocation:

“The ability to build and maintain roads and infrastructure is a key component to a thriving community and public safety. I’d like to thank INDOT for this generous grant which will help Michigan City repair our roads, bridges and sidewalks which will in turn make our communities safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. I look forward to seeing the great work our community leaders will be able to do with these funds.”