The Town of Chesterton says the alley between 11th and 12th streets to the east and west, and between West Indiana Avenue and West Morgan Avenue to the north and south, has been closed to traffic, after a sanitary sewer sinkhole was discovered Monday.

The Chesterton Utility’s Collection Crew was on site Monday with the Vactor truck to keep the sewer main pumped down.

Utility Superintendent Dave Ryan was hopeful a contractor would be able to begin repairs on the sewer main tomorrow or Wednesday, Jan. 31.

“Sink holes are formed in sanitary or storm water sewer lines when a pipe’s integrity fails, allowing dirt and sand to enter the pipe and be washed away,” the Town of Chesterton said on their Facebook page. “Eventually a large cavity forms in the ground, until the thin shell of asphalt or alley gravel at the top simply collapses into the hole beneath.”