Press release, La Porte Community School Corporation:

The La Porte Community School Corporation Board of School Trustees announced the retirement of Superintendent Mark Francesconi on Monday, February 12, 2024.  Dr. Francesconi has dedicated over 30 years to the field of education, with the last 13 serving the La Porte district. He leaves behind a legacy of unrelenting commitment and integrity. The school community and the board of trustees have expressed their deep gratitude for his decades of service and wish him a well-deserved retirement.

Reflecting on his tenure, Dr. Francesconi shared, “It has been an honor to serve the community of La Porte for the past 13 years. The La Porte community can be proud of its diverse, hardworking student body and dedicated teachers and staff, all of whom make it the special place it is. La Porte has much to look forward to as the corporation’s strategic plan initiatives become a reality.”

In anticipation of Dr. Francesconi’s departure, the school corporation is working to ensure a seamless transition. Dr. Ben Tonagel, currently the Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education, will step in as Acting Superintendent on February 13, 2024, until February 19, 2024. At that time, Dr. Peggy Hinckley, a distinguished leader within the educational community, will serve as interim superintendent until a permanent successor is found. Dr. Hinckley brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the district’s vision, ensuring continuity and stability.

Ryan Seaburg, the LPCSC School Board President, voiced the board’s unanimous support for Dr. Hinckley and central administration during this transitional phase. “We are fully behind Dr. Hinckley and central administration as they lead us forward. Her leadership is invaluable, and we are confident in their ability to move our district forward,” Seaburg stated.

In a statement to stakeholders, the board reassured the La Porte community of its dedication to fostering a culture of trust, stability, and high achievement. “As we face the future together, we are committed to overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities with the same spirit of collaboration and community support that defines La Porte. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our students, staff, and community for their continued support as we move toward our shared vision for a bright future.”