The State of Indiana is now accepting applications for Career Scholarship Account (CSA) programs and providers. The first-in-the-nation CSA program provides $5,000 annually for tenth- through twelfth-grade students enrolled in eligible work-based learning programs.

“By partnering with our schools and investing in our future workforce, employers are helping to support students as they explore, engage and experience a variety of career options,” said Dr. Katie Jenner, Indiana Secretary of Education. “Indiana’s CSA program provides an incredible opportunity to help students overcome barriers, and ultimately, increase access to quality work-based learning experiences across the state, as well as credentials of value before high school graduation.”

Eligible work-based learning experiences provide ongoing interactions between high school students and professionals in workplace settings that foster in-depth, firsthand experiences in a career field of interest. Employers, schools, unions and non-profit intermediaries are encouraged to apply as a provider. Eligible CSA programs must be:

  • Employer-driven,
  • Culminate in credentials of value,
  • Include work-based learning,
  • Support high school graduation requirements, and
  • Be aligned to career and college.

“Employers and intermediaries play a vital role in introducing students to in-demand careers in Indiana,” said Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education Chris Lowery. “The CSA program allows Hoosier students to gain valuable hands-on experience in a career field of interest and discover opportunities for education and training beyond high school.”

Through a cross-agency coordinated effort, the Indiana Department of Education approves eligible programs, the Indiana Commission for Higher Education approves eligible providers, and the Treasurer of State approves eligible students and provider expense reimbursements. CSA program funds cover eligible expenses in the following categories:

  • Expenses to enroll in and attend courses, sequences, apprenticeships, or programs of study
  • Career coaching and navigation services
  • Postsecondary education and training
  • Transportation and equipment
  • Certification and credentialing examinations

Providers are encouraged to apply by the priority deadline of Friday, April 5. Provider applications received after the priority deadline will be accepted and approved on a rolling basis until Friday, September 6, for the 2024-2025 school year. Applications received after Friday, September 6, will be considered for the following school year. Student applications for the CSA program will open this spring.

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