News Release, La Porte County Sheriff’s Office:

La Porte County Sheriff Ronald C. Heeg announces the release of the 2023 Annual Report. The report contains crime related and statistical information in the following categories: calls for service, offenses, arrests, crashes, citations, Warrants and Civil Divisions. “This year’s report reveals an increase in calls for service, but a decrease in violent crimes and major cases investigated.” “Throughout the report, there are reductions and increases in certain statistical areas,” stated Sheriff Heeg.

The number of calls for service in 2023 increased by 15%. A total of 28,199 calls for service were answered by deputies of the Sheriff’s Office last year as compared to 24,724 calls for service answered in 2022.

Offenses generating an incident report increased by 32%. A total of 3,431 offenses were investigated in 2023 as compared to 2,586 in 2022.

Major cases in 2023 decreased by 8%. A total of 513 major cases were investigated in 2023 as compared to 560 being investigated in 2022.

In 2023, a total of 3,291 subjects were arrested by deputies, a 16% increase from 2022.

A total of 2,561 traffic citations (23% increase) were issued and 7,157 traffic warnings (48% increase) were issued last year to motorists by deputies. Sheriff Heeg stated, “We are very pleased by the motivated actions of deputies aggressively enforcing traffic laws. With that, deputies are utilizing discretion to issue warnings, and citations when necessary to correct driving behaviors.”

A total of 1,082 crashes were investigated in 2023, a 4% reduction from the 2022 total. Thirteen (13) people died in crashes in 2023, an 18% increase. Alcohol related fatality crashes increased by 400%, from one (1) to five (5). In addition to alcohol related fatalities, operating while intoxicated arrests increased by 35% (total of 256).

Sheriff Heeg stated, “We are extremely concerned about the increase in the number of alcohol related fatality crashes and the number of OWI arrests. Because of that, high-visibility aggressive traffic enforcement will continue and remain a priority to increase the safety of motorists traveling on roadways across La Porte County.”

The Sheriff’s Office continues to pursue and receive federally funded grants from the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute. These grants allow additional deputies to be deployed at no additional cost to the taxpayers. In addition, select trained deputies continue to work the Domestic Highway Enforcement initiative, a program funded by federal monies and administered by Indiana HIDTA.

The La Porte County Jail booked in 4,428 subjects in 2023, a 10% increase from 2022 (4,010). The average daily population of inmates confined in the jail was 347. A total of 413,686 meals were prepared by the jail’s contracted food service company.

The Warrants Division received 1,486 new arrest warrants for processing and data entry and served 1,239 arrest warrants last year.

Transparency with the citizens of La Porte County remains important for the Sheriff’s Office. The entire annual report, along with the entire Jail Division annual report, will be published on the agency’s website:

Sheriff Heeg added, “Citizens are encouraged to review the reports which provide much more detailed information. The reports provide citizens with an opportunity to educate themselves as to how their tax dollars are utilized. Both reports highlight the hard work, dedication, and commitment of the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office. The agency remains focused on improving public safety for all and keeping La Porte County a wonderful place to reside, work and visit.”