The La Porte County Sheriff’s Office shared the following statement to its Facebook page on Wednesday regarding Commercial Motor Vehicles disregarding state detour signage:

“As expected, the US 6 / US 421 South Junction closure for the roundabout project has created additional traffic on nearby county roadways in Clinton and New Durham Townships.

“Motorists of passenger vehicles are understandably utilizing nearby roadways to navigate around the temporary inconvenience of the state closure. These drivers are reminded to abide by the posted speed limits as many of the roadways have young children residing in homes throughout the area.

“Much more problematic though is the excessive amount of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers who are disregarding the state detour signage. These same drivers are then disregarding county highway signage and utilizing the county roadways as a bypass around the project closure.

“As a result, county roadways are already showing signs of damage from the CMVs. Not only is the damage quite evident, but calls for service relating to these CMVs has dramatically increased. CMVs have become stuck in lawns while turning around, are being driven off roadway to complete wide turns, and the most obvious…the “professional drivers” who are blatantly ignoring the posted no truck signage and violating La Porte County Ordinance 2020-2, specifically section 71.01 (A) (4).

“Last week alone, four deputies initiated 70 traffic stops with the overwhelming majority of them involving CMVs who had violated the county’s ordinance. This type of aggressive enforcement targeting CMVs will continue throughout the length of the closure.

“The Westville Indiana Police Department has taken a similar stance and increased their enforcement in the area as well. We so greatly appreciate their assistance and response to this matter.

“The #LCSO hopes this type of high-visibility enforcement sends a message of zero tolerance, provides some relief to area homeowners, and decreases the amount of damage to county roadways.

“CMVs drivers are encouraged to review the county’s ordinance (…/2020/06/weight-ordinance.pdf) for further information.

“In closing, drivers of passenger vehicles are again reminded to SLOW DOWN and enjoy the countryside of Clinton and New Durham Townships. For the CMV drivers, READ the posted signage and STAY OFF the county roadways!”