As you may have noticed, The City of Michigan City is upgrading roadway infrastructure, and the City has received grant approval from INDOT’s Community Crossing Matching Grant Program for roadway reconstruction or repaving in several neighborhoods.

As the Project Engineer, Global Engineering and Land Surveying would like to invite any feedback at this time to ensure we accommodate the needs of the neighborhood during this construction project.

To opt-in for SMS text message alerts about updates or changes in construction activity, please text:
“MC2024” (no spaces) to (833)236-7421
*Note your number will be removed from the database and no longer receive updates at the end of construction.
Also, the City of Michigan City Facebook page will regularly post construction updates. Visit:

The scope of work includes asphalt repaving or reconstructing, spot repair for concrete sidewalks, and ADA curb ramp replacement.
Barker Rd from Cleveland Ave to Woodland Ave
Garrettson Ave from Franklin St to Cleveland Ave
Harrison St from Wabash St to Tilden Ave
Lake Shore Dr from Franklin St to Krueger Rd
Mayfield Dr from Mayfield Pl to Royal Rd
Royal Rd from Tryon Rd to Springland Ave
Carroll Ave from Coolspring Ave to Barker Ave
Tilden Ave from Greenwood Ave to Coolspring Ave
Lafayette St from Greenwood Ave to E Homer St

We estimate each section of roadway taking no more than 2 weeks from construction start until the roadway is completed and reopened to all traffic; though, each street will allow local traffic in and out during the construction. Construction on each non-contiguous roadway section will be staggered. Roadway paving is anticipated to begin on April 29, 2024, and will be completed in approximately 4 months. Scheduling may be adjusted as construction progresses.

During construction there may be some interruptions in services to your house. Global has coordinated with each of the following entities to minimize these impacts.

If the mail carrier decides to not deliver mail around construction activity, then your mail will be kept at the post office for pickup. Newspaper and package delivery may or may not incur a disruption. Please call these service providers prior to construction to ensure proper delivery of your parcels or papers.
Disposal services will require your totes to be moved outside of an area of construction on the typical day of pickup. Tote pickup areas will be designated as needed.
On-street parking will not be allowed, but most residents will be able to use their driveways throughout the project. Please consolidate and limit your trips to avoid disruptions to the construction crews. Temporary parking locations outside of the area of construction may be necessary. Please look for signs during construction.

EMS have been made aware of construction in your neighborhood and will respond to emergencies appropriately. Any scheduled medical appointments or special medical needs should be disclosed. Please give us a call so that we can accommodate your needs.
We appreciate your patience and cooperation with this project. Hopefully, everyone will be pleased with the end result meant to improve your neighborhood. The City of Michigan City is striving to give residents improved roadways for safety and comfort. Please contact Global Engineering with any questions or concerns. Many residents have walked up to engineering team members directly in the neighborhood, and we welcome answering your questions as best we can.

We look forward to the completion of this improvement project for your neighborhood. Global Engineering contact information for questions and comments:
Jeanette Hicks 219-809-6303