The leader of the LaPorte County Democratic party, Angela Henzman, has resigned from her position as County Party Chair, effective May 13, 2024. Henzman was elected to lead the party in December of 2022. “My goal was to open the party to those who had previously felt excluded, such as women, minorities, young people, and the LGBTQ community.”

Under Henzman’s leadership, the LaPorte County Democratic Party has become more inclusive. Henzman ended exclusionary policies that were aimed at keeping individuals out, and welcomed all Democrats. Henzman helped to charter the LaPorte County Young Democrats to focus on outreach and engagement of younger generations.

For the first time, the local Democratic party actively supported the Michigan City Pride Fest and vocally supported the LGBTQ community. In addition, Henzman spoke up for women’s rights, the homeless, and environmental justice. As a result, the party has become a welcoming political movement. Henzman hopes her successor will have the same commitment to inclusivity that is at the core of the Democratic party.

Henzman built up the infrastructure of the party by recruiting active leaders for the Precinct Committee and trained them on voter registration and community engagement. She also focused on supporting candidates through training, fundraising, and unified campaigning. “We really wanted to give candidates the tools they needed to be successful.”

While Henzman is leaving her position as County Chair, she will continue to bring her energy and wisdom to her campaign for LaPorte County Clerk. Her service in the Voter Registration office has provided her with invaluable experience and knowledge about county administration. Henzman says, “As County Clerk I will be committed to integrity, hard work, and serving ALL of LaPorte County.”