Press Release, MAAC Foundation:
Valparaiso, Indiana – The MAAC Foundation is proud to announce the graduation of its dedicated and hardworking Fire and Rescue Program students. This year’s graduating class has shown exceptional commitment and perseverance, completing a rigorous curriculum that combines academic studies with hands-on training in fire and rescue services.
The graduation ceremony will take place on May 29, 2024, at 6:00 PM CST at The MAAC Foundation. The event will honor the achievements of these outstanding students  who have demonstrated both academic excellence and practical skills in fire safety, emergency medical response, and disaster preparedness.
“The graduating class from the Fire and Rescue High School Academy has shown remarkable dedication and resilience,” said Celina Weatherwax, President & CEO of the MAAC Foundation, “Their rigorous training has prepared them to face the challenges of fire and rescue services with courage and professionalism.”
“Teresa and I extend our deepest gratitude to the MAAC Foundation for their unwavering support in helping to shape the next generation of firefighters.” Said Robert Schulte, Fire & Rescue Services, “Thanks to their commitment and state-of-the-art training facility, our program has empowered over sixty-five young men and women to become state-certified fire and hazmat responders, enabling them to serve with dedication in local volunteer and career fire departments.”
The Fire and Rescue High School Program provides students with a comprehensive education in firefighting and emergency response, preparing them for service in fire departments, emergency medical services, and related fields. Through hands-on training, classroom instruction, and real-world experiences, students develop the skills, knowledge, and leadership qualities necessary to succeed in demanding and rewarding professions.
About the MAAC Foundation:
The MAAC Foundation, First Responder Training Campus is transforming the landscape of First Responder training across Northwest Indiana, the state, and the country. With a comprehensive, inclusive campus, they provide access for all First Responders – EMT personnel, firefighters, law enforcement officers, and K9 officers – to train at their state-of-the-art facility at no cost. The MAAC is a top provider of safety, emergency preparedness, and response training with more than 15 buildings, such as classroom space, residential structures, a live burn building, a flashover chamber, and a 4-story tower. Additionally, the facility boasts over 40 tactical props spread across 30+ acres. For more information about the MAAC Foundation and how to help make a safer community as a first responder or community member, visit to learn about our services or volunteer.
About PCCTE:
Porter County Career & Technical Education is open to high school students, offering technical, academic and employability skills that prepare our students for the future.