On Monday, the La Porte County Sheriff’s Office hosted Narcan (Naloxone) training for K-9 Handlers and their K-9’s at the Sheriff’s Office Training Building. The training, led by the instruction of Doctor Johnson and her support staff from Purdue University, was attended by several area K-9 Handlers and their K-9’s. The hands-on instruction and training by Dr. Johnson and her support staff provided the K-9 Handlers with the proper technique of administering a dose of Narcan to the K-9’s. Police K-9’s, during working duties, may be exposed to potential lethal doses of opioids. By receiving this training, the K-9 Handlers will be armed with the training to effectively counteract an exposure and/or inadvertent overdose to their K-9 partner. A total of eight K-9 Handler’s and their K-9’s attend the training. Several agencies from around the area attended and participated. Actual doses of Narcan were not utilized and administered to the K-9’s today during the training exercise, but rather a veterinary approved saline solution was used.