While you’re enjoying a nighttime fireworks show, did you know that in addition to the Indiana seven percent sales tax on fireworks, there is also a five percent public safety fee? Hoosiers spend a great deal of money on fireworks each Independence Day. From sparklers to bottle rockets, if you’re purchasing any items that classify as fireworks, you’ll pay this additional tax. What’s considered a firework? Any items detonated or burned to produce a visible or audible effect are considered fireworks. These items may include: Firecrackers, Roman candles, Missile-type rockets, Wire sparklers. Vendors who sell these items are required to charge a twelve percent tax on all gross sales (5 percent fireworks safety fee plus 7 percent sales tax). The vendors are also required to register with the local fire marshal and the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR). For more information about the Fireworks Public Safety Fee, please visit DOR’s website at: www.in.gov/dor/