On Saturday afternoon, Officer Paul Czupryn initiated a traffic stop on a beige 2002 Buick passenger car for a minor traffic violation near Central Ave and Brandt Street in Portage. The driver and sole occupant of the vehicle, later identified as 24 year old Gary resident Carl L. Echols, failed to stop. Officer Czupryn continued to pursue Echols through Portage city limits and towards US Hwy 20 into the Woodlake Village Apartments Complex in the Miller area outside of a building at 8960 E 6th Avenue. Echols then exited his vehicle and a foot chase ensued. Officer Czupryn attempted to taze the suspect as he fled on foot but the suspect was not affected by the taser. As the two rounded the building corner, Officer Czupryn was able to tackle the suspect and take him into custody. During the altercation, Officer Czupryn sustained a knee injury and was subsequently transported to Porter Regional Hospital. Echols was transported to Porter County Jail on charges of Level 6 Felony Resisting, Never Obtaining a License Misdemeanor and a Probation Violation warrant out of LaPorte County.