They may be gone but their service and sacrifice has not been forgotten as on this day the Michigan City Fire Department would like to pay tribute to Captain George Dabagia who on March 15, 1958 was fatally injured while fighting a fire at 227 Huron Street. The cause of death was from asphyxiation from smoke inhalation.  In the early years of the Fire Service firefighters had limited personnel protective gear such as the sophisticated breathing apparatus that they now wear. After the death of Captain Dabagia, Mayor Francis Fedder announced periodic physical examinations may be required for policemen and firemen. The pension law at that time provided for physical examinations before the employee was appointed.  However, the employee may not have had another physical examination through the rest of his career.
Captain George Dabagia was born November 10, 1905 and at the time of his death was 54 years old.  Captain Dabagia was a 24 year veteran of the Michigan City Fire Department. Captain Dabagia left behind his wife Mary of 25 years and his children Milton, Lee, Robert and twins Norman and Louise. 
During the Fire Departments morning radio test on Saturday, an announcement was be made in remembrance of Captain George Dabagia with a Brief moment of Silence before the test. The Michigan City Fire Department has a plaque honoring Captain George Dabagia at Station #3, which is referred to as the Airport Fire Station.