The Valparaiso Police responded to the report of a Burglary in the 400 block of Center St. at approximately 3:30 a.m. Sunday. Information provided to officers indicated that when the caller arrived at the residence, it was believed a subject was still inside of the home. It was soon learned the house had been checked; however, multiple locations of the home were found forced open or unsecured. Upon officers arriving to obtain further information, an unknown loose canine aggressively approached the first responding officer. The officer began to back away and the canine continued to charge toward him. For his own safety, the officer then discharged his firearm, striking the canine. The canine was soon transported from the scene by the owner for medical treatment. The investigation continued into the burglary and is on-going. The Valparaiso Police Department recognizes the unfortunate nature of this incident and sympathizes with the officers involved and the owners of the canine.