Michiana Humane Society is proud to announce a new program that allows members of the community to socialize with shelter dogs on field trips for a day. Beginning Friday, April 5th , every day the shelter is open, “Fetch Some Fun” outings can last an hour or until the shelter closes, and can include hikes, a trip to the beach, even a lunch or a snack at a dog friendly restaurant. This is a great way for community members to enjoy the company of a dog and for the dog to be away from the stresses of being in a kennel. The Fetch Some Fun program was developed in association with a research study funded by Maddie’s Fund. They are exploring ways to reduce kennel stress and provide dogs with enrichment and increased visibility. Outings also give the shelter valuable insight as to how the dogs behave outside a shelter environment. And it’s a great way to spend the day doing something new or exploring your community. The program was designed to make it easy for the community to participate. All participants have to do is sign up online, or come to the shelter and sign up for the day they would like to take a shelter dog on a field trip. They will be provided with everything they need for a successful field trip. Individuals should visit michianahumanesociety.org or contact the Michiana Humane Society at 219.872.4499, or contact@michianahumanesociety.org to sign up. Similar programs at shelters across the country have been enormously successful, and Michiana Humane Society is excited to introduce this to the community. Michiana Humane Society is located at 722 Indiana HWY 212 in Michigan City. You can reach them by phone at 219.872.4499, or visit www.michianahumanesociety.org .