Sheriff John T. Boyd announces the graduation of five (5) deputies from the Northwest Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (NILEA). On January 14, 2019, Deputies Tyler Oberholtzer, Alex Clemons, Jet Balenia, Evan Doperalski and Derrick Deck began 15 weeks of intense paramilitary based law enforcement training at NILEA, located in Hobart, Indiana. The 15-week long academy consisted of training that included blocks of instruction in emergency vehicle operations, defensive tactics, firearms, criminal and traffic law and many other areas of law enforcement. On April 26, 2019, Deputies Oberholtzer, Clemons, Balenia, Doperalski and Deck took the Law Enforcement Oath of Honor, received their diplomas and officially graduated from NILEA. The 5 deputies were members of Basic Recruit Session 19-41, that included 37 other graduates. Basic Recruit Session 19-41 selected Deputy Deck as the class president. Deputy Deck delivered a speech to his fellow classmates, staff members of NILEA, law enforcement personnel and a gymnasium filled with family and friend of the graduates who were all in attendance. Deputy Deck was also recognized and presented with the NILEA Academic Achievement Award. Deputy Deck ranked #1 academically and averaged a staggering 97.51% throughout the academy. Early in the academy session, Deputy Tyler Oberholtzer was named a squad leader. At the conclusion of the firearms training, he ranked #2 for proficiency, by scoring a 98, 100 and 100. Most impressive though, Deputy Oberholtzer broke the academy record for the vertical jump. His vertical jump extended a jaw-dropping and eye-opening 38.5 inches! After a computation of the final results for the physical fitness standards, Deputy Oberholtzer was awarded the NILEA Nick Schultz Physical Fitness Award. Deputies Oberholtzer, Clemons, Balenia, Doperalski and Deck will all complete the Sheriff’s Office Field Training Program prior to being released on their own for patrol.