22 year old James J. Ariel of Chicago, Illinois died Saturday morning as a result of a single vehicle crash, west bound on the Indiana Toll Road (I-80/90). Preliminary investigation by Trooper Chris Eagles revealed that Regional Dispatch for the Indiana Toll Road received 911 call advising of a single vehicle on fire in the area of where the entrance ramp from I-65 north bound to the Toll Road merges to I-80/90 west bound. First responders arrived minutes later but were unable to gain entry into the car due to the intense fire. Fire department arrived shortly thereafter and were able to control the fire enough for Trooper Eagles and a fireman to break out the driver’s side window and pull the subject out. Troopers immediately started first aid but could not revive the subject. During this time, the fire flared back up in the car and it became fully engulfed.