NIPSCO Forestry is once again participating in the Arbor Day Foundation’s “Energy Saving Trees” program .

Any NIPSCO electric customer can sign up using the website to receive a 1 gallon tree- free of cost- mailed directly to their home. The website will track energy savings for our customers. This program will provide 325 trees to the community of La Porte. Species include Sugar Maple, Serviceberry, Bur Oak, Ninebark, Paw Paw, White Oak, and Swamp White Oak.  Sign up now as supplies are very limited.

Even more exciting- NIPSCO Forestry has secured additional funding to supply 50 larger trees (3 gallon size) to residents in the city of La Porte, free of charge, as a thanks for their partnership over the past season. Any NIPSCO electric customer in LaPorte may use the same website to sign up and reserve a tree for pick-up at the La Porte City Farmers Market on October 10, 2020. Through this program, 10 Swamp White Oaks, 20 Serviceberry, and 20 Sugar Maples are available.