In an effort to provide families and those who are vulnerable to COVID-19 with reassurance and helpful information, the Community Health Improvement Team for Franciscan Health created Family Wellness Kits to distribute to the communities Franciscan Health serves.

With COVID-19 affecting families and individuals acutely, Franciscan Health’s Community Health Improvement Team worked with community partners to find ways to assist. To help quell fears and anxiety with knowledge, the team used gifts to the Community Health & Wellness funds from the Franciscan Health Foundation to provide kits with wellness packets and resources. These resources range from chore charts to practicing healthy habits like yoga and mindfulness.

“We work with many partners in each of our communities to understand the challenges faced by residents,” said Kate Hill-Johnson, administrative director of Community Health Improvement, system-wide. “Childhood trauma has been a focus of ours for over two years and we quickly assessed families and found that many feel overwhelmed and remarkably stressed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We quickly mobilized to provide resources and support to our most vulnerable families.”

Chayni Villagomez, Community Health Improvement specialist, Northern division, explained how rewarding it is to provide kits to those in the community.

“Providing the Michigan City Salvation Army, Dunebrook Center, Sand Castle shelter and the Stepping Stone shelter with kits filled with resources for individuals and families within LaPorte County has been extremely gratifying during the desperate times of COVID-19. I truly feel like I am fulfilling and upholding our Franciscan values.”

June 1 through June 5 was Community Health Improvement Week and Franciscan Health’s Community Health Improvement Team is now delivering round two of these kits. There will be approximately 3,000 in this group and the kits will include a parent guide filled with mental health information, parenting advice, ideas for family activities as well as summer learning enrichment for kids.

To learn more, contact Kate Hill-Johnson via email at or visit

To assist with the efforts, donations can be made to the Community Health & Wellness funds through the Franciscan Health Foundation at