.On May 31st, 2020, the City of Michigan City experienced a gathering of over 1000 people in front of the Michigan City Police Department to protest social injustice issues stemming from the death of George Floyd. A protest of this magnitude had never occurred in Michigan City and the potential for violence and extensive property damage was high. Across the country, similar protests occurred which resulted in officers and civilians sustaining various injuries, including death, along with substantial property damage. The protest in Michigan City ended with one assault on an officer and no injuries to civilians. Property damage was minimized to a truck and a few windows. This favorable outcome was the result of a unified and well thought out strategy coupled with a community centered approach and the professionalism of the Michigan City Police Department. Public Service and Leadership is the driving force behind any successful organization. Chief Campbell wishes to thank all the members of the Michigan City Police Department who served our community that night.

Chief Campbell thought it was important to recognize publicly some heroes from that night who displayed exceptional leadership. Their actions dramatically affected the outcomes of a day we will never forget. The following members of the Michigan City Police Department were presented with the Chief’s Award for Leadership Excellence before the city council on Tuesday, October 20th. They received two standing ovations for their actions and the council praised the entire department for how that night was handled.Congratulations to the following (Pictured left to right):Assistant Chief Dave Cooney Lt. Ken DrakeLt. Tim Richardson