Dear Business Owner _________________

Recently,  a number of complaints have been lodged with the LaPorte County Health Department about  lax adherence to the county and state mask mandate in certain businesses in our county.

The widely respected Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation predicts that if 95% of Americans just wore masks (the level in Singapore) then nearly 100,000 lives could be saved between October 1, 2020 and the end of the year.  A review of 172 studies in the respected British Medical Journal The Lancet found that face masks significantly reduce virus transmission.

This is a nominal request to make of you, your employees and your customers.   While there are no monetary fines for non compliance, the department can and will consider pulling the food  permit for any establishment that sells or conveys food that is not adhering to CDC guidelines.   

Also keep in mind as a business owner that you bear the very real risk of workers’ compensation liability if one of your employees becomes sick because of relaxed mask wearing, or if one of your customers or patrons becomes ill and later brings suit against your establishment.

Please also be aware that there is no current  immunity from liability which means the best way for you to protect against liability as a business owner is to insist that your employees, patrons and guests all strictly adhere to the following masking guidelines:

  1. Masks must be worn in public spaces where commerce is being conducted.
  2. Masks must cover the nose and mouth.
  3. Those serving the public must always wear masks – no exceptions.

Thank you for your anticipated assistance in ensuring these simple steps are taken to help reduce transmission of the Covid-19 virus.


Dr. Sandra Deausy

LaPorte County Health Officer