The Michigan City Commission for Women bestowed top honors upon Marquette Catholic High School junior Leah Lawson Monday for her submission to the 2020 Honor Women in History: Naomi Anderson Poetry Contest.
Lawson’s poem “The Worries of a Black Woman” garnered first place in the 11th-12th grade division. For her efforts, Lawson has been invited to recite her work to the organization’s February Commission meeting via Zoom on February 18th.
Lawson’s inspiration stemmed from the racial crimes of 2020 that grabbed headlines and chyrons across the country.
“I saw everything that was happening in the news. I have five brothers and I was truly concerned for them,” she said.
Lawson earned summa cum laude status this past semester. As her writing can testify, Lawson plans to pursue a major in English. Currently, she’s considering Tulane University in New Orleans.

The Worries of a Black Woman by Leah Lawson
Yet another innocent black face on the news
Killed by the “pigs” Anxiety begins to override my mind
And worry seems to sit
“What if” scenarios are played on loop
My leg bounces restlessly
As I ponder white supremacy
And the innocent black people that died unexpectedly
What if we weren’t outcasts? What if we were equal?
What if there were no broadcasts of riots, instead we’re peaceful?
Is this thought as crazy as it seems?
Are you not tired of the bloodshed and screams?
Tired of dead black kings and queens?
Or can a peaceful world only exist in my dreams?