Since delivering the first shot into an arm in LaPorte County on Dec. 18, the staff at Franciscan Health Michigan City has administered 13,279 doses at its COVID-19 vaccine clinic.

Vice President of Clinical Support Services Jill Nygren, RN, MHA, said that clinic staff are delivering vaccines to five people every 10 minutes, or about 240 doses each day of operation. The clinic currently operates in the hospital’s Blessed Maria Theresia Bonzel Community Room, Monday through Thursday and Saturdays. On April 1, the clinic will be open 8AM to 4:30PM Monday through Friday.

A multidisciplinary team makes sure the vaccines are delivered safely and efficiently.  Nygren said she was overwhelmed by the number of people who stepped up to help when the call went out. “Their whole attitude is they’re just happy to be there and appreciate the opportunity to help put an end to this pandemic. It’s a team that has a really joyous spirit,” she said.

Delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine speaks to the heart of Franciscan Health’s mission, showing compassionate concern by promoting health and wellness in our community. Nygren added that she’s heard compliments from the public that they feel safe at the clinic, and wait times are typically low to nonexistent. Patients are asked to wait 15 minutes after their vaccine to ensure they do not have a reaction prior to leaving.

The clinic is currently administering the Pfizer vaccine, which requires two doses. When a person gets their first dose, the clinic will schedule their second dose before they leave. The state allocates a limited number of vaccines per location. The clinic keeps a waitlist and individuals are triaged by the state’s eligibility criteria and the date they called in. The waitlist ensures extra doses at the end of the day are used.

Indiana currently has vaccinations open to residents age 50 and up, along with specific groups of high-risk patients identified by their healthcare provider. Appointments are required and done through the state by going online at or calling 2-1-1.