As many residents are aware, Striebel Pond was conceived as a dual-path project to control flooding along the Striebel Arm Ditch and provide a very popular 40-acre recreational park. The pond was completed in 2006 with native wetland plants. Since that time, the native plantings have been almost completely overtaken by non-native invasive species dominated by Phragmites australis. This invasive vegetation is not only unsightly, it impairs the biodiversity of the habitat and view of the pond and the many beautiful birds it attracts. To restore the native vegetation and biodiversity of the wild life habitat, the Michigan City Sanitary District (District) entered into a professional services agreement with Applied Ecological Services, Inc. in the summer of 2020 to begin a 4-year project valued at over $52,000. The first phase of the project, which was application of herbicide to the invasive plants, was completed in fall 2020. The next phase of the project during 2021 is completion of a prescribed burn led by a Certified Burn Boss and crew of Firefighter Type 2 Certified technicians. Weather conditions, including windspeed and direction, relative humidity, and moisture content of the vegetation all need to be just right before the prescribed burn can begin. As such, the prescribed burn cannot be scheduled far in advance. The District and Applied Ecological Services are currently poised to undertake the prescribe burn at the next available opportunity and w ant the residents of Michigan City well informed and unsurprised w hen this important phase of the project begins. In fact, the prescribed burn could begin as early as Friday, March 12 or Saturday, March 13, 2021. The Park will be closed on the day of the prescribed burn. Refer to the attached site map for information regarding the area to be covered by the prescribed burn. Questions regarding this project can be directed to Michael Kuss, General Manager of the Michigan City Sanitary District at (219) 229-1298 or mkuss@mcs