This FREE program is open to kids ages 1 – 12
The program is simple and provides a wide range of opportunities to explore some of the parks that Michigan City has to offer that you may not be aware of. To get started, you will need to pick up your “passport” from the Michigan City Park Department.

Within the passport, there are nine locations listed for kids and their parents to visit.
Seven of the locations are parks: Gardena, Hansen, Winding Creek Cove, Joe Hawkins, Pullman, Oak Hills, and Water Tower Park.

At these locations, kids are asked to find the “passport” sign posted near the entrance of each park on a bollard (a small wooden pole), complete the activity listed on the sign, and draw the symbol in their passport for that particular park. Depending on their level of skill, there are different challenge activities listed, which incorporate running, jumping and other physical tasks. Although the kids are the ones that are required to complete the challenges,
parents are also welcomed to show off their skills!

Upon completion of these nine locations, participants will return their completed passports to the Park Office to receive their final “stamp” and pick up their completion prize. Kids will receive an owl coloring sheet from the Washington Park Zoo to complete at home along with their sticker and if they return that to the Park Office, the Washington Park Zoo will display their artwork in the Education Center. Kids be sure to put your first name on your artwork, so your family and friends can see it when they visit the zoo! You’ll have plenty of time to complete the program, as it runs through the end of October. All passports must be turned in by Friday, November 5th to redeem your prize. ​

To request your passport, contact the Michigan City Parks & Recreation Department at 219-873-1506 and one will be mailed to you.