With the onset of the Double Track Project, The Northern Indiana Public Service Company,
(NIPSCO) is removing circuits from 11th Street to 8th Street. While conducting this project they will also be installing new electric poles. The only way to execute this work safely is to close of the street.
NIPSCO and the sub-contractors, will be working from Wabash Street to Michigan Blvd. on 8th Street and expect to take approximately three months to complete. This work is led by NIPSCO to ensure their utilities are moved out of NICTD’s path for Double Track infrastructure.
They intend to work systematically from block to block. They have a traffic control contractor
specialist placing signs, cones or other barricades as necessary with the assistance of traffic
Once they complete 8th Street they will begin transferring circuits from and to 11th Street to 8th Street. Subsequent closures along 8th to 11th street should be anticipated throughout the duration of the summer and likely into the fall. Removal of abandoned poles will be included as part of the completed project.
Additionally, NIPSCO will undergo gas line work adjacent to Marquette High School and St.
Mary’s Church near Wabash to Bufalo and 10th Street corridor. Also, in April, NIPSCO will
conduct gas line work in the Pine Street area.
Real estate acquisition is well underway. It is expected that demolition of some structures will begin on or after April 22, 2021. Properties are being boarded up and managed by NICTD’s
contractor until the overall construction project begins.
NIPSCO is in contact with the police department regarding the closures and they are informing fire, EMS and the schools.