Passengers are advised the following trains will be bused between Carroll Ave. and Gary Metro Center stations May 3-8 (Monday through Saturday):

  • Weekday Westbound:
    • Tr 116 (arrives 12:39p @ Millennium);
    • Tr 18 (2:14p @ Millennium);
    • Tr 118 (4:21p @ Millennium);
    • Tr 20 (6:13p @ Millennium).
  • Weekday Eastbound:
    • Tr 7 (departs 8:45a from Millennium);
    • Tr 107 (10:15a from Millennium);
    • Tr 9 (12:35p from Millennium);
    • Tr 109 (2:25p from Millennium);
    • Tr 11 (3:57p from Millennium).
  • Saturday Westbound:
    • Tr 606 (arrives 11:10a @ Millennium);
    • Tr 506 (2:39p @ Millennium);
    • Tr 608 (5:23p @ Millennium);
    • Tr 508 (7:11p @ Millennium).
  • Saturday Eastbound:
    • Tr 503 (departs 8:40a from Millennium);
    • Tr 603 (10:45a from Millennium);
    • Tr 605 (12:05p from Millennium);
    • Tr 505 (1:35p from Millennium);
    • Tr 507 (4:43p from Millennium).

Passengers are advised that no bikes will be transported via bus. 

Service to Beverly Shores is suspended during busing. 

Michigan City 11th Street Station is temporarily closed effective May 1.

Buses will arrive and depart with passengers to match our published train schedule between Carroll Ave. and Gary Metro. Westbound passengers should be prepared to detrain and board buses in front of Carroll Ave. Station and re-board South Shore trains at Gary Metro. Eastbound passengers will detrain at Gary Metro to board buses, and board their regular trains again at Carroll Ave. Buses will be making all intermediate scheduled stops between Carroll Ave. and Gary Metro, with the exception of Beverly Shores and 11th Street. 

The busing is to help facilitate pre-construction third-party utility work and the Double Track NWI construction project (, which will substantially decrease travel times to and from Chicago.

Delays may occur due to busing, and we thank passengers for their patience and cooperation.